Andrew is a director and a writer who, after a near-decade in the New York ad-world, hopped in a VW Golf with his wife and his cat and drove to LA.

He lives there now.

Prior to the aforementioned Golf-hop, Andrew did brand-level* work with a number of great people at some rather good agencies (Chiat, Droga, Fig, etc). He’s won many paperweights for his work, including some Cannes Lions, a few Clios and a Webby.

If you enjoy watching advertisements, why not watch some Andrew’s worked on?

As a director, Andrew is fascinated by people, and the little weirdnesses that make them unique. He tries to illuminate said quirks in his work, which is sincere. Sweet, but not saccharine. A bit of nostalgia, and a bit of happy/sad. Earned smiles. If that sounds pretentious, then maybe it’s enough to say he tries to reflect life well and honestly, in all it’s complicated beauty.

He’s pleasant to be around, and — if you’re not careful — might even be your friend.

*including but not limited to: Google, Sprint, Prudential, Absolut, Newcastle, Puma, Bud, YouTube and AT&T. Whew.